What we have in store for your child

We recognise that each child is unique and we nurture your child's unique talent

We at Veranda have designed a unique curriculum largely based on the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner, a psychologist at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Howard Gardner's famous Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) states that every child has eight types of intelligences. You may be able to identify some of your child's intelligences.


Self Smart

Intrapersonal intelligence is about self awareness. Recognising your own strength and weaknesses helps in planning your life.

Verbal Linguistic

Word Smart

Linguistic intelligence is about word smart. Thinking, speaking and writing are expressions of this intelligence.

Visual Spatial

Picture Smart

Spatial intelligence is the ability to think in three-dimensional terms and often involves an active imagination and visualization.


Music Smart

Musical intelligence is evident in people who are responsive to pitch, melody, rhythm and tone.


People Smart

Interpersonal intelligence involves sensitivity to both verbal and non-verbal communication. Good personal and working relationships are built using this intelligence.

Bodily Kinesthetic

Body Smart

Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence is about whole-body and fine-motor co-ordination. Dancers, athletes and craftsmen excel in this intelligence.

Ensure your child's personalised growth

The sum of this curriculum is that every child in our school is uniquely intelligent. We do not believe in the question "How smart are you?". We believe in the question "How you are smart?". Our curriculum will make sure you child will love school and will step into formal education with confidence and enthusiasm.